About me

It all started when I was an English teacher in Brazil. Several of my clients were senior managers and C-level executives of multinational companies who saw in me a reliable sounding board. I will always be thankful to them: they helped me build valuable knowledge of the corporate world and its challenges, at all levels, in all directions. Their own struggles helped me understand how useful it is to have someone who listens to me and puts me and my goals, my growth, my success in first place. Their difficulties with being other than the rest (C-level, expat, women in charge, for example) helped me see that I can’t change the world around me so that it fits my purposes. I can only work on myself, so that I can efficiently opperate in the context I am presented to. And I had no answers, only questions.

About 9 years ago I moved to Holland, and gave restaurants a try (something I had always wanted to do). It helped me integrate, learn the language, and build a network of talented and unique people around me. It also showed me how important action is, and that daring to take action is what usually makes the difference between an entrepreneur and the entrepreneur. I am truly greateful to my boss and friend, Geertje Yntema, who knew how to cultivate that in me from the first day on.

But I missed the corporate world, and now I am back. Everyday taking new steps as a coach. Everyday looking for more clients, wondering what my next step will be in my continuous process of education. With passion, and the commitment to accomplish my mission here on Earth: help you get from where you are to where you want to be.


I usually hear I am good at helping people identify what their goals are, what to do to achieve them, and most importantly: take action to accomplish them.

They say I am also good at helping them identify what stands in their way, and figure out what to do about it so that they keep moving forward. And most importantly: keep moving forward.

I’ve also heard I’m good at helping people identify what matters to them, and choose to live a value-oriented life. Every day.

(You will read the same description on my LinkedIn Profile Page)


One response to “About me

  • Rachel Ferreira

    Olá Sandro,

    Adorei o seu texto “a butterfly goes to a coach”!!! Também sou brasileira, do Rio e vivo em Lisboa há mais de 20 anos. Trabalho no Marketing de um banco, e terminei agora em dezembro a certificação em coaching.
    Em 2012 vou dedicar-me também ao coaching e a informação e partilha com alguém que já é coach é muito valiosa e importante.
    Parabéns pelo seu percurso e espero que o ano novo seja de novos desafios e muitas conquistas!
    Um abraço,

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