Welcome to The Coaching Blog

Well, here I am. This is The Coaching Blog, and I would like to welcome everybody to it.

This is going to be a blog about me and my experiences with coaching. Here I’ll share what is on my mind, my insights, my questions, my difficulties, and the lessons I have learned so far, and that will be shared with you from a coaching point of view.

What I am going to write here is not THE TRUTH, but only and no more MY TRUTH at the moment, my reality, and the way I see and experience it.

I hope you’ll find it interesting, and I’ll be happy if it makes you stop and think, and maybe better understand yourself, your experiences and your reality. Your point of view, your opinion and your comments will be warmly welcome.

So, as I just said, welcome to my blog.


About Sandro da Silva

Sandro da Silva is a Dutch executive, business and life coach who from time to time shares his experiences with coaching in this blog. He starts his days by reading, selecting and tweeting his favorite articles about leadership, management, business, change, diversity, development and start-ups. A different selection of articles, targeted at executives and the C-suite, is posted everyday on his LinkedIn page. He talks to his life coaching audience via his Facebook page. You can read more about him on his website (translation in progress) or contact him by sending an e-mail to info@sandrodasilva.nl. View all posts by Sandro da Silva

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